About us

Quality is what makes us tick. 

We are a team of motivated and talented professionals with a solid experience in event organisation and communication, acquired over many years within the context of an international organisation catering for an extensive network of clients.

Our familiarity with the multicultural dimension of Brussels as well as our insight into therich and diversified cultural life of this international city add further strings to our bow.






A professional organizer with a passion for all things cultural and European to my fingertips, I chose Belgium as my second home more than thirty years ago.  It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that I want to share my enthusiasm for this country with you.  I invite you on an interesting journey of discovery which will put the wind back in your sails, so you will continue on your way enriched by your experience!



Austrian by birth and European by conviction, I am looking back on a long career as conference interpreter and administrator within the European Institutions. I am delighted to put my experience as a communicator and a linguist at the service of this promising and exciting enterprise which will enchant and inspire all those who approach this country with an open and curious mind. There is nothing like delving into a country's history and culture to make you feel at home. Personally, that is what I have been doing for over 30 years but I have not ceased to be surprised yet.



Studying for my Masters degree at the European Studies Institute at the ULB, I am also a photographer totally au fait with information technologies, both fields in which I have a special interest.   Keen on culture and art and their creation in an urban setting, CAP-ERIA is right up my street and has taught me a thing or two!  I am delighted to bring my enthusiasm and skills to this already very talented group.