Module The Cinquantenaire

This module explores the historical, architectural and artistic significance of this vast and prestigious building project initiated by King Leopold II at the eve of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Belgian state.

At this stage the module is composed of three different tours which will be accompanied either by an English or French speaking guide - see agenda

« Le Cinquantenaire entre passé et modernité »  presented by Mme Jacqueline Gérard in French 

After an introduction to the whole site of the Cinquantenaire and its numerous buildings the tour will focus on the Triumphal Arch and its adjacent Colonnade.  

“Highlights of the Royal Museum of Art and History”, presented by Mr. Karl Marcelis in English

Our stroll through several continents will focus on those treasures which through their quality and spiritual richness transcend time and space.

Statues et monuments surprenants de l'époque de Léopold II - une promenade dans le Parc du Cinquantenaire par Mme Sarah Strange in French

Saviez-vous qu’il s’agissait de l’ancien terrain de manœuvres de la garde civile ? Léopold II l’a transformé en ouvrage majeur pour célébrer le cinquantième anniversaire de l’indépendance belge de 1830.

Au détour d’une balade dans le parc, vous découvrirez une série d’œuvres fascinantes, et si la chance nous sourit, nous vous dévoilerons l’aventure du Panorama du Caire.  

Surprising statues and monuments from the time of King Leopold II - a walk round the Cinquantenaire Park" by Mrs. Sarah Strange in English

Did you know this was the former drill ground of the Civil Guard? Leopold II turned it into a showpiece to celebrate 50 years of Belgian independence in 1880. A leisurely stroll will acquaint you with a series of fascinating art works, and if we are lucky, the amazing Jef Lambeau sculpture in the Victor Horta Pavillon des Passions Humaines! 

In line with the arborescent approach underlying our business concept we are currently developing further components to this module. They may include a more in-depth visit of one of the major collections of the Museum, a tour of the Squares (Ambiorix, Marie-Luise, Marguerite)  or a visit to the Maison Cauchie but we are always eager to respond to your suggestions.