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Personal enrichment or a unique group experience

The aim of CAP-ERIA is to offer innovative tailor-made solutions for group events and activities of a cultural, social or recreational nature to members of the general public or to targeted special interest groups.

These activities may either serve the personal enrichment of individuals or pursue other more structured goals within a professional setting, such as integration into a new working environment or enhancing the interaction between the company’s stakeholders.

Our business concept is based on an interactive modular approach. The content of these thematic modules may e.g. be centred on an artistic, musical or theatrical highlight, a particular site belonging to the historical, cultural or industrial heritage of the area, an encounter with a person of great renown or special interest or any kind of leisure activity geared to the objectives defined by the client.



Treat yourself to a Cap-Eria postcard from Brussels!

These one-hour guided tours are an ideal introduction to the history and main sites of the area; they will whet your appetite to continue your explorations at your leisure.

CAP-ERIA is happy to present its postcards designed to provide a reflection of the diversity and richness of the city of Brussels. Each postcard lasts about one hour and is aimed at small groups (5 to 6 people).

Tours are available on request at a time to be mutually agreed between client and guide.