Welcome to Belgium and to Brussels, its capital - a historic place throughout the centuries, from its medieval heyday as a centre of learning and flourishing industries, to the post Napoleonic creation of a Belgian state, through its colonial period which then made its fortune and now contributes to its rich ethnic tapestry, at the crossroads of Flemish and Walloon cultures; now the heart of Europe turned into a melting pot of nations and a Babel of languages.

Whether you have just arrived or have been here all your life, we would like to show you the hidden treasures of this country,  go beyond just scratching the surface and help you engage truly with its cultural and social life. There is more to this place than Belgian beer and chocolates!

You may just be looking for a fun day or night out or you might be interested in a structured bonding event with a more pedagogical purpose. You may be focussed on Brussels or you may want to venture further afield to nearby cities such as Liège, Antwerpen, Gent, Namur or Mons.

Whatever your purpose, you may need a guide, a coach, a facilitator with expertise and local knowledge.  In short, you may need CAP-ERIA!



CAP-ERIA is happy to present its postcards designed to provide a reflection of the diversity and richness of the city of Brussels. 



A few sample modules.

These activities may either serve the personal enrichment of individuals or pursue other more structured goals within a professional setting, such as integration into a new working environment or enhancing the interaction between the company’s stakeholders.




Le Cinquantenaire